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Principal's Message

Welcome to our website!  At Bankston Elementary we desire to provide each of our students with a high quality education that will prepare them for success in middle school, high school, and beyond.  In order to accomplish this, we need a cooperative relationship between home and school.  We look forward to working with each of our parents and guardians to help our children grow into well-educated teens and adults.
As we go through the year, please check our site regularly for up to date information about what is happening at Bankston.  With the Covid-19 situation, we are facing many challenges that will require a coordinated effort from both parents and teachers.  Please be assured that our staff is working hard, and will continue to work throughout the school year to make sure that we are providing the safest possible environment for our students and staff members.  
Even though this year will certainly be unusual in many ways, by working together we can make it a successful year.  It is essential that we have effective communication as we navigate the challenges that are before us.  If you have questions about anything related to your child, please call our office at 662-455-7421 and one of our staff will be able to assist you.  
Glen Stevens, Principal